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“... an event without meticulous lighting doesn’t engage the audience, a missed opportunity to enhance the brand! ”

During the planning of our client’s event lighting theme, we consider a number of factors. First, we understand our client’s Corporate Identity (CI) to determine the base color theme. We then analyze the provided theme of the event, carefully integrating these aspects with the décor to derive a complete lighting experience that complements the Audio Visual elements.

We then embark on the selection of the fixtures that will deliver that sensuous experience. At times we may link the lighting to match the sound theme of the event, and gradually transition this theme with the evolving mood of the day or evening. This brings the Customer’s brand to life and keeps the audience engaged and stimulated throughout the event.

On numerous events, our in-house team interprets the client’s theme, and design a full stage set with matching back drops staying as close as possible to the Brand. The lighting is designed to complement this set up. The alignment of the decor, to stage back drops and lighting amplifies the event messaging in manner that enhances the brand and facilitates complete engagement of the audience in attendance of the event. We have no doubt about the role, and impact of perfect lighting for our customer’s events and look-forward to creating this atmosphere at your future events.
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