Special FX (Smoke, Haze, Laser, Pyron Effects)


This low-lying fog machine is a specifically designed to create fog that stays low to the ground. Rather than filling the air, this machine create a ground cloud that dissipates without rising into the air. It’s one of the coolest effects around.

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The applications for low lying fog machines are as endless as your creativity. Ground fog is a trick you want in your arsenal. Whether you’re a mobile DJ or into production, there are many contexts in which you don’t want fog that fills the room. Maybe it’s because the audience needs to see what’s happening. You might have smoke detectors to worry about. More than anything, ground fog is a unique effect that takes things to the next level.

Thid fogger is popular for First Dances at weddings, bringing the dance flow to life at any event,

1.Not suitable for outdoor windy conditions
2. 5 Litre water capcity tank
3.Auto low liquid protection


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