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Pioneer CDJ-800MK2,the Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 adds MP3 playback support to the equation of an already fantastic DJ CD Player. accurate vinyl feel, on-board effects and convenient features, the CDJ-800MK2 from Pioneer is the powerful solution for the professional DJ.
The CDJ800 MK2 is an amazing little player that I feel is actually better than the 1000 for a number of reasons. Firstly, the button layout at the top is clearer and more obvious to it’s selected functions, which is what you want in a live situation. Secondly, it doesn’t produce as much heat and form latency when it gets hot, which is a flaw with the 1000’s if they’re packed together.

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accurate vinyl feel
on-board effects and convenient features
Much loved so fantastic condition
The USB HID interface allows you to use more complex DJ software without a control disk.
the Platter Response dial, which adjusts how quickly the ‘vinyl’ starts up after releasing the touch sensitive platter, or touching it. This means if, like me, you’re used to rocking the vinyl rather than letting go, you can still flick the platter and get the exact same response as a Technics. In the centre of the platter is a back-lit display, which displays your Cue Points (multiple points you can select at the touch of a button for where you want to start playing) and the position of the song on the platter.


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