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The Innovar Tripod is a durable, portable tripod screen it’s the ideal partner for all your presentations, meetings,or classroom facilities just pull the screen out from it’s case then it’s ready to use. The tripod screen has a keystone eliminator, which in turn can tilt your screen, compensating for any image distortion that may occur, correcting it immediately.


Important: You can change the rent dates for other materials that you want to rent in the cart!



The Professional Tripod projection screen truly is a gem of a find, it’s a super portable screen, and very sturdy casing at bottom of screen and stable tripod stand as it’s made from square tubing. This is the perfect product for professional s that wants to present the perfect presentation with ease and confidence with a trusting product. This screen is available with HD Rental — a foldable and optically enhanced screen surface for high definition AV experiences, featuring RF (radio frequency) welded binding for improved aesthetics and durability. Fast fold screen height can be adjusted to go up and down at 6 inches at a time.


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