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“... Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design ...”

Innovar Legacy Media works with our clients to create elegant event structures that are functional, elegant, less obtrusive but safe for all our events. Our clients have an option to have the structure clad in draping that matches the event theme. We will test the options during our conceptual phase. Our main stage designs are complete with line array Public Address (PA) systems, arena grade lighting rig, and outdoor LED video walls in a configuration that suits the event.

Indoor/Outdoor Stage Platforms

We have invested in staging inventory of over 120Sqm. This allows us to provide Stage structures of any configuration for conferences, concerts, press releases, product launches, roadshows, fashion shows, among other applications for both indoor and outdoor. We seek for Our customers to leverage this investment. We creatively configure the Stage to compliment the truss structures to create platforms for the event.

Our customers will have the option to choose between the standard black platforms or match the flooring of the platforms to the color themes of the events – we provide these options! To ensure safety at Our customers events, we ensure that the structures are certified as safe by an independent structural engineer.

Stage Furniture and Power

In-addition to the structure, we provide Stage Lounge Sets, Couches, Podiums, Coffee tables other furniture for panel discussions, Comfort monitors, among others to complete the stage experience for our clients. To compliment the stage, Innovar Legacy deploys sufficient power to service the event. Our generators are a main stay on all our events. These are regularly serviced and are certified safe for each event by a certified electrician who issues a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for the installation.

Decorative Backdrops (Pipe and Drape)

In most cases, we deploy agile pipe and drape solutions to either support the decorators in transforming the event venues for our clients, or simply to create exhibition booths in cases where multiple products are on display. The Our customers event objective and briefs will always inform our approach.
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