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Our Strategic, Project Management approach to event management and production

Our approach to event management, and technical production starts with understanding that events are a strategic tool that our clients use to engage and interact with their stakeholders for a specific purpose. Innovar Legacy Media seeks to understand Our customer’s event objectives. We are privileged to access numerous tools, systems and technology to efficiently enable our clients achieve their event objective. We are therefore very deliberate in our methods, tools, systems, and people training, all geared to achieve a successful event. We constantly seek out innovative ways of delivering events from concept-2-delivery.

Overtime we have established relationships with strategic partners that are specialized in various elements of delivering a successful event. For example caterers, decorators, entertainers, and security companies among others. Whenever we are deployed by our clients, we leverage these relationships to provide a convenient one-stop shop for event management and Tech Production services. This is our commitment to all our customers.

We firmly believe that each event is a project in its own right. We therefore apply Project Management principles in delivering all events.

Our core Event Management Services

  • Creative event Concept Designs,
  • Event Invitations, RSVP & Reminders,
  • Corporate Identity driven Brand, & Marketing campaign integration
  • Technical Production that includes Sound, Stage, Lighting and Audio Visual,
  • Event Logistics & Operations,
  • Entertainment Sourcing,
  • Event Safety & Security Risk Management (SHEQ),
  • Catering Facilitation
  • VIP & Stakeholder Management, and
  • Other third party services as needed
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