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A Professional Event Technical Production Company

“We specialize in Concept-2-Delivery Event Management and Technical Production... “

Innovar Legacy Media (Pty) Ltd is a South African Professional Event Management and Technical Production company, specializing in Sound, Staging, Audio-Visual, and Lighting. For over 14 years, we have evolved into a reputable service provider, upholding our core values. A level-1 BBBEE contributor, we partner with our clients to deliver elegant events such as; conferences, galas, luncheons, cocktail dinners, roadshows, activations, corporate functions, keynote addresses, product launches, and seminars, among others. This is part of our value proposition that we present for Our customer’s consideration in this bid.

Concept-2-Delivery Event services

We pride in concept-2-delivery Event Management and Technical Production, working in close collaboration with our clients. The outcome, impressionable events that exceed expectations! Our team endeavors to keep up with industry trends through affiliations with local and international industry authorities. This gives us an edge over our competition while remaining cost effective.

As for all client events, our team’s focus on appearance, punctuality and attention to detail will apply to the services we are offering Our customer

Outsourcing, and Technical Consulting

Occasionally, we appreciate that our clients’ needs may outweigh their in-house event management and production capability, either due to the magnitude of a given event, or their equipment being out for repairs, or simply they need extra capacity. In these circumstances, we support our clients through augmenting their in-house capability. We anticipate this is one of the services that Our customer will need to deliver some of its events.

As part of this service, Innovar Legacy will take pride in augmenting Our customer’s event management capability through our Outsource service.

We provide hard-to-find skillsets and equipment that are typically not stocked in-house or simply complement the existing in-house service.

Our added value services include event management technical consulting and full outsource for components of the in-house capability. This will enable Our customer to focus on its core business.

Dry Hire or Rentals

In addition, we hire out Technical production equipment to Conference Centers, Hotels, Corporate clients, the Film Industry, Houses of Worship, Wedding organizers, and marketing agencies among others. This is another differentiating capability that we trust Our customer will benefit from for its self-run events.

Innovar Legacy prides in state-of-the-art equipment and gear for all our services. Our ever-growing gear stock guarantees our ability to fulfill our clients’ requirements through the Equipment Rental business.

We collaborate, and partner with Event Management Agencies, and Technical Production houses that need to supplement their current capacity.

We trust that Our customers will leverage our differentiated service portfolio to enhancing the value from events.

Our COVID 19 Response, we care!

We have adapted our business to consider the adverse impacts that COVID-19. We have established strict operating procedures that are aligned with the department of health guidelines and World Health Organization.

In addition to the standard social distancing guidelines, we now deploy technology that encourages social distancing and contact tracing. Our inventory features, registration systems, large electronic (LED) video screens for clear visibility at big distances, video conference streaming technology. Through this technology. we not only are able to comply with the limited number of people that are authorized to attend the event in person, but also provide a stream to an unlimited number of virtual attendees who connect via streaming platforms through the internet. We refer to these as Hybrid Events

Our vision is to constantly innovate how we deliver our services to positively impact our customers and employees while contributing to resolve the socio-economic, health and environmental challenges facing South Africa.

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