This Mixer Amplifier is an innovative solution that contains both an amplifier and 12ch mixer. It provides the convenience of plug and play and the ability to run it with either Passive or Active or both. Ideal for conference for the main PA or simply for the break out rooms. This mixer is also ideal for houses of worship and applications where you might not have or need a technical sound Engineer. This mixer features a USB through which background music can be played without the need of CD players, or a computer.

Innovation, and convenience delivered.

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The Dual seven-band graphic EQs provide final frequency contouring of audio at the main output. The unit is a lightweight, portable mixing solution for both musicians, and presenters on-the-go.

The intuitive and efficient AM-10500s USB is feature packed with 8 channels of balanced XLR microphone and also 1/4″ phone line input connections, 3-band EQ, effects level control and send level. Channels 13/14 feature stereo paired 1/4″ phone line inputs for both keyboards, player/recorders and other stereo line devices.

Other Features,

  • Ultra low noise 8 Channel Mic/Line, digital effect stereo powered Mixer.
  • 12 Mono input channels with silver plated XLRs, and balanced line inputs.
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ on all channels
  • Dual 7 band EQ on all main output.
  • 1 Aux Send per channel for external effects.
  • Highly accurate 10 segment Bargraph Meters.


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