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The Innovar Fastfold is a durable, portable Fastfold screen it’s the ideal partner for all your presentations, meetings, or classroom facilities just pull the screen out from it’s case then it’s ready to use. The Fastfold screen has a keystone eliminator, which in turn can tilt your screen, compensating for any image distortion that may occur, correcting it immediately.

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Fastfold screens are tensioned screens that feature a foldable aluminum frame and a screen surface which attaches via push studs, tensioning the surface for an extremely flat projection screen.

• Frame and legs made of 3½” X 1¼” thick aluminum tubing

• Black anodized option available upon request

• Easy release latches

• Standard black-backed foldable material for superior image quality and opacity

• Seamless viewing surfaces up to 16’ high

• Carrying case with wheels for sizes 7’ X 9’ up to 16’ X 27’ 6”

• Optional Drapery Presentation Kit for professional stage-front aesthetic


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