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Pixel Pitch 3 mm LED Panel 16:9 LED Display Panel.


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The Innovar P3 LED screen is a Cost-Effective high resolution, and a High Reliable LED Display that can be Customized According to your Demand. Multiple cabinets or panels can be assembled to create different screen sizes, for example a 4 x 3 meter screen. Each cabinet is supplied with a power supply, and cat5/6 cable.

LED panels come in  approximately 1msq, so when joined together to make the desired screen size. The resulting display appears seamless and makes a huge impact by creating a spectacle for the audience. LED screens are a popular way to showcase an image or video footage to a large audience. The displays are perfect for the event as they are seamless and use the latest technology.

They are popular for Conferences, Exhibitions, Weddings, Roadshows, Product Launches and showcase and other events that require high resolution or high quality displays. You can order prepackaged screen sizes or rent individual panels to create your preferred screen configuration. Onsite setup support available, please contact us for more information

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Dimensions 0.576 × 0.576 cm


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